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4002 Stormin' Donner

4002 Stormin' Donner

A heavy snow falls over California’s high Sierras as a trio of Southern Pacific SD-45X locomotives struggle uphill against the wind and snow. The big diesel locomotives, each with 4200 HP under the hood, aren’t enough power to take on the 2.2% grades...

4003 Nickel Plate fast Freight

4003  Nickel Plate fast Freight

Roaring across the upper mid-west, Nickel Plate S-2 #765 disturbs the chilly mood of the frozen landscape...

4006 Runnin' on the Wrong Main

4006  Runnin' on the Wrong Main

The Holidays are near as three of Boston And Maine's box cab electrics pull a 2-8-4 locomotive and its train out of the west portal of the Hoosac Tunnel...

4008 Hurryin' Home for Christmas

4008  Hurryin' Home for Christmas

The fisrt section of Santa Fe's Chief storms up the 3% grade of Glroietta Pass. Up front an A-B-A set of ALCO PAs ...

4013 Approaching Storm

4013 Approaching Storm

A Rio Grande Southern freight blasts up the 3% grade to Lizard Head Pass as an approaching storm threatens to bury the San Juan mountains in a deep snow...

4016 The Last Fogg

4016  The Last Fogg

It's a cold night at Illinois Cntral's Van Buren Street Yard on Chicago's lakefront. Locomotive 2516, in charge... This was Howard Fogg's last paiinting...

4017 U50s on Ice

4017  U50s on Ice

the Union Pacific railroad asked the three locomotive builders to come up with a 5000 horsepower locomotive to pull trains over their system. General Electric came up with the U50, a single locomotive with two engines under the hood...

4018 Over the River and through the Woods

4018  Over the River and through the Woods

"Over the river and through the woods..." This beloved tune sets the stage as anxious passengers enjoy their journey on New York Centrals' "New England States"...

4019 Merry Christmas El Capitan

4019  Merry Christmas El Capitan

The roar of thundering exhausts of working steam and Diesel locomotives provide spectacular evidence of the 3% grade near Morley, Colorado...

4021 L.A. Bound

4021   L.A. Bound

An overnight storm has blanketed the “windy city” with frigid temperaturAn overnight storm has blanketed the “windy city” with frigid temperatures and fresh snow. It’s the Holiday rush and people from all over the country must pass through many of Chicago’s busy train stations ...

4022 Chirstmas Pumpkins

4022 Chirstmas Pumpkins

A bitter cold winter day finds, the “Thunderhawk,” Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad’s train #262, battling the grades of St. Paul Pass. It’s the Holiday Season and traffic on the railroad is heavy as goods from the Northwest are headed for eastern destinations.

4023 Christmas Mail

4023 Christmas Mail

A chilly winter day finds Chesapeake and Ohio train #104, a mail and express train, heading up the New River Gorge in West Virginia. One of the C&O’s big J3a class 4-8-4s heads the train eastbound up the twisting gorge on its daily run from Huntington, W V. to Charlottesville VA...

4025 Heading up Bozeman Pass

4025  Heading up Bozeman Pass

On a crisp December morning in 1950, handsome, gray-boilered 4-8-4 No, 2672, one of Northern Pacific’s 1941 Baldwin built A-4 locomotives, blasts up the 1.9% grade east of Bozeman, Montana with 19 cars of Christmas mail and express...

4026 Whistles in the Wind

4026 Whistles in the Wind

Two hundred fifty tons of stampeding steel, hustle train 504, the “Madison Local,” at just above 60 m.p.h. across Main street, Caledonia, Illinois. Chicago and North Western E-2 class Pacific 2901, whips up fresh snow as her raspy soprano chime whistle wails past the station...

4027 Mountain Mauler

4027  Mountain Mauler

The cold stillness of a winter day is broken as one of Norfolk and Western’s Y-6b class 2-8-8-2 mallets, climb the 1.6% grade at Wills, West Virginia. The hogger has the throttle wide open on the big locomotive as it takes a west bound time freight upgrade...

4028 Frozen Centuries

4028 Frozen Centuries

New to our store this year, card number 4028; "Winter Haven". Greeting: "Best wishes for a warm holiday season, and a Happy New Year".

4029 Flight of the Phoebe Snow

4029  Flight of the Phoebe Snow

A light snow falls as the Lackawanna Railroad's Phoebe Snow hustles along the Hallstead cutoff...

4030 Santa's Helpers

4030  Santa's Helpers

A brace of Southern Pacific helpers take water on a cold winters night...

4050 Grab Bag

Some of those great out of print cards that you may have missed!